Rates & Info

My Rates  (Jan 2013) : I only do 90 minute lessons.

Low powered Bikes & Scooters:    $95  for 1.5hrs  ($63/hr).

High powered Bikes:                     $110 for 1.5hrs  ($73/hr)

You need:

  • Learners Permit for low powered Bikes & Scooters .
  • For high powered Bikes, need proof of bike licence or learners permit.
  • Long trousers, shirt (preferably with sleeves).
  • Enclosed shoes/joggers.
  • Riding gear if you have it, if not, use mine.

I have:

  • Bikes   (sorry, Scooter not provided, you will need your own).
  • I have jackets, helmet & gloves you can use.

Ring John on 0427 22 3691 





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